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Forensic Weather Services

Developed with the legal industry in mind, these services are research and report related, designed to help in times where a review of past weather is needed. Our forensic services are meant to take a look back at past weather to Solve a Problem.

Past Weather Research and Tabulation

If you need to know exactly what weather was happening during a certain event, and need to prove certain conditions did or did not exist, we can help. We have the means to research all available data, determine timelines and offer our expert advise as to how the any situation unfolded meteorologically. We will produce our research in in-depth, but succinct reports, delivered directly to you.

Expert Testimony

While we hope to solve problems and keep everybody happy at the same times, sometimes, the legal system is needed to sort our all the details. We can provide the Expert Testimony you need to prove the results of our research in a court of law.

Prepared reports

Many times, you just need to know what happened over a period of time. How many degree days did we have at a certain location? How much rain have we received in a specific region in the past 4 months? Why did that fire explode out of control? Our research and problem solving skills can put the answers in front of you in a prepared report, which you can use in future decision making.

Planning = Profit. Make Weather Work for You!