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Climate Modeling, Forecasting and Weather Hedging

A look to the future of weather. If we know what is coming, how do we use that to protect ourselves, and even make a profit?

Exclusive Weather Model

Advantage Weather Solutions has proprietary ownership of the “United States Climate-Agriculture Model” (USCAM), a North American climate computer model conceived and developed entirely by Ryan Martin. This model has proved very valuble in issuing 4 month seasonal forecasts for rainfall and temperature across the nation. Through this model we gain a good idea of what kind of conditions we will see ahead, and can take measures to prevent loss.

Weather Hedges

Advantage Weather Solutions offers loss prevention through designing weather hedges. If it looks like we are coming up on a dry year…we can sell you rainfall! If it is going to be excessively hot, we can develop a hedge for you to transfer any heat related risk off onto another entity. This is the future of weather related risk management, and we have it available today! Call for Details.

Planning = Profit. Make Weather Work for You!