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Profit from the Weather

From our own custom-developed and verified forecasting model, Advantage Weather Solutions is able to provide the information you need to plan and profit from the weather. Thank you for your interest in our services.

The Key to Profit: Action, not Reaction

Throughout the history of man, the weather has affected everything we do. Farmers and others engaged in outdoor operations certainly are affected by the weather even more than everyone else.

What if . . . you had the accurate, custom weather information you needed to decide which crop to plant this spring? What if . . . you could stay a step ahead of the traders, because you knew before they did that a storm could drop crop-killing hail in much of the corn belt? What if . . . you could use the weather as a tool, instead of an impediment?

Our Value Proposition: Making Weather a Tool for Profit.

Our Services fall into three categories:

Synoptic Weather Forecasting: daily and weekly forecasts via phone briefings, e-mail, podcast or web download, prepared and customized to your specific needs. In the past year, one of our clients profited $13,000 in one day by commodites trading based on our weather forecast.

Forensic Weather Services: using weather-related records to reconstruct past events, prove what happened at a place and time, or discover patterns that haven't been seen before.

Climate Modeling, Forecasting and Weather Hedging: AWS is the exclusive licensee of the "United States Climate-Agricuture Model (USCAM)" -- a proven accurate climate modeling tool for long-term (90-120 day) weather prediciton. Open the door to weather-related commodities hedging with exclusive information available nowhere else!

Planning = Profit. Make Weather Work for You!